Southwest Egg Rolls

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Total Time
30 mins
30 mins

I have a large family so this recipe is going to make enough to feed 5-6 people. It is easy, but no low fat. This recipe can be made vegetarian as well.

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  1. cook your chicken breasts whole (boil, bake or fry).
  2. cook your spanish rice.
  3. cut up cooked chicken breasts against the grain to shred it.
  4. put chicken in pan with taco seasoning cook as directed on packet.
  5. in a big mixing bowl combine chicken, cheese, cooked rice, black beans, and corn.
  6. heat crisco over med-high heat.
  7. wrap mixed food in egg roll wrapper.
  8. fry until golden brown. the only thing you are cooking is the outside, the inside is already cooked.
  9. serve with dipping sauces for appetizer or main dish.