Shrimp Kebabs With Jalapeno Lime Marinade

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Total Time
5 mins
8 mins

Shrimp marinated in orange juice,lime,honey & jalapenos makes this a delightful meal. Serve with rice,black beans and a flour tortilla. You can substitute 3 lbs. of chicken breast or pork tenderloin and it can be cooked on the outdoor grill or inside your broiler oven. It comes from "Cookin Light" 1998. I am posting for ZWT5.

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  1. Combine first 9 ingredients in a large zip top plastic bag, marinate in refrigerator 30 minute.
  2. Remove shrimp, reserving marinade, thread shrimp,bell pepper cubes and lime wedges onto 12 skewers.
  3. Prepare grill or broiler, cook 4 minute each side (or until shrimp have turned pink), basting frequently with marinade.