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this is the chile I have made for 25 years. My process is a little different. I stem about 30 chiles and boil for 5 minutes, cover and turn it off, let sit about 20 minutes until the chiles are soft. then I add the chiles to the blender with about a cup of the liquid a clove of garlic. whirl it up. then I add small can of tomato sauce and about 2 teaspoons of oregano and 2 teaspoons of vinegar with pinch of salt/pepper. blend for about a minute and enjoy..it's hot though! delicioso!

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Jennifer G. July 07, 2014

I started with this recipe, then improvised a bit to bring it to my liking. Awesome stuff! WOW did I get it hot- like almost radioactive.. I added 5 large cherry tomatoes and cut up a small yellow onion, doubled the salt and vinegar, and used 3 large cloves of garlic, prepared as directed. It's really good, but really, really hot. Be sure to wear some gloves, and don't splash any of this stuff in your eyes! Thanks to the OP for a great guide!

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RichRice October 11, 2010
Salsa De Chiles De Arbol: Red Hot!