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We really loved the flavor of this dip and it was very easy to make. The texture could have been a little smoother, but that may be due to the cheese we used. Overall, a really delicious dip that we will definitely make again.

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Denise! October 31, 2002

Made this last week for a dip at lunch for co workers, but I tried this because I am making a new recipe that is for my cookbook and it would be nice to use this as a dip. I'm not sure why so many people had a hard time. A couple of notes, however. First one poster said monterey jack doesn't melt good ... I use it all the time and it melts great, but for this I did use Asadero for the flavor. I used heavy cream which I think worked better, but half and half should be fine, I use it often. I really enjoyed the onions, although I used a shallot (not much difference there) and didn't use as much (just shy of 2 tablespoons), but would have no problem using the full amount, cilantro, but I added it at the end so it didn't get an odd taste. Now, a few important notes. If you are NOT using heavy cream or half and half and using light cream or milk ... it may and probably will separate. One solution, simply sprinkle a little flour, just a teaspoon with the cheese and it won't happen. Also, heat to medium. NOT TO a boil, just a simmer. A boil even a light boil can make it separate. Make sure to heat the cream first and USE a double boiler to control the heat. Not directly on and NOT the mirowave. Warm the cream and stir in the onion, chilies, serrano, cumin (only 1/2 teaspoon) was all that was needed for me, and salt I didn't find was necessary. Warm to medium heat and cook 3-4 minutes. Slowly stir in the cheese until all is melted. Finally add in the cilantro at the end. Serve. Creamy ... but yes, this is a NOT smooth cheese like velveeta, as you can tell by the green chilies, but it has great creamy flavor and texture. I do agree that there is too much cumin and I am a fan. And I just cut down on the onion for more of the cheese flavor, but honestly, it is a very simple easy good recipe. You can always omit the cilantro or just use as a garnish if you are someone who doesn't like cilantro. For me it added a nice flavor. Very nice recipe. I will be sure to include in my recipe for my chicken dish

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SarasotaCook July 01, 2010

To avoid texture problems try adding about 2 - 3 tbl spoons of flour to the milk or cream, stir, then microwave, then stir some more until flour incorporates with no lumps. Add try spices to milk mixture, stir, add shredded or small cubed cheese. Can use microwave for a minute or two at 50% power, just avoid boiling. Stir, add chopped serrano and chiles, repeat heat and stir until desired texture is achieved. Can sub corn starch for flour. Add more cheese or milk until you get what your looking for, experiment. I add a small amount of garlic powder, and generally leave out the cumin if I am trying to replicate the Mexican restaurant white cheese dip.

Reason: A starch is needed to coat the fat molecules in the mixture. The fat molecules are sticky and will re-combine with other fats to form clumps, coating the fat molecules with a small amount of starch prevents clumping.

Also note: Do not try and use the Mexican cheeses called Queso Blanco, Queso Fresco, or Panella. They are crumbling cheeses not melting cheeses.

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tanglewoody July 07, 2011

Maybe I'm oversimplifying this, but all I did was use the cheese (12 oz asadero, shredded), 1/2 cup half-n-half, the green chiles, and a few tablespoons of minced pickled jalapenos. Microwaved for 30-second intervals at 50% power, stirring frequently, until it was all melted together. I sprinkled the cilantro on top. Perfect! My guests couldn't stop eating it. I think all the extras in this recipe are unnecessary. What I made deserved 5 stars! :)

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Brooke Comer March 18, 2010

This was such a refreshing change from the velveeta dip. I added an 8 oz. can of diced tomatoes...we just like tomatoes. Will make again and again!

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laura vick1 July 20, 2003

would be much better without the cumin, and a little more half and half. if you're expecting to make the white cheese dip served in most mexican restaurants, this is not it. the amount of cumin specified in this recipe is way too much..

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jman1 July 29, 2012

I have access to a Mercado (Hispanic Market). Use Queso Fresco Cheese and it will turn out wonderful!

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ttaazz September 10, 2010

Did not like this recipe at all. The cumin is way too powerful. No one in my family touched this stuff after the first bite. I wouldn't recommend cooking this.

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Isaac R. February 12, 2015

I'm not sure what the others did wrong that it came out lumpy, but it came our super creamy for me. I cut the cheese up into small pieces and slow heated it. Came out perfect!

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lisagayle63 January 02, 2015

I tried this recipe and it was a disaster. I used monterey jack and it would not congeal with the half and half. Instead, the cheese turned into a hard taffy-like glob in a pool of milk. Where did I go wrong? The only things I did differently from the instructions were that I cut my cheese into cubes instead of finely shredding it and I heated in a pot directly on the stove instead of using a double boiler. Were those the direct causes of my failed queso attempt?

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mrburns952 September 23, 2011
Queso Blanco Mexican White Cheese Dip