Hope's Amazing Margarita's - Aka Rigamarta's---Hiccup--

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5 mins
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They are not called Rigamarta's for nothing! My friends started calling them this after only ONE drink! They pack a punch but are very flavorful and yummy. You dont really taste the alcohol so be careful! These are 'on the rocks' which makes them easier to make by the pitcher. If you prefer frozen just mix all ingredients with a blender filled 1/2 way with ice and blend. They are also great made 'virgin' for those who do not care to imbibe!

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  1. In large pitcher mix limeade with 2 cans water.
  2. Fill empty can once with tequila and add to pitcher and then again with Triple Sec. This will give you a measure equal to 12 oz.
  3. Juice three of the limes and add juice to pitcher and stir well.
  4. Garnish with remaining lime, sliced, and salt if desired.
  5. Note: to add salt to glass, run lime slice around rim and turn over into a plate filled with salt.
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This is the best Margarita I've ever tasted and it's so easy to throw together! Made them on the rocks and before we knew it, our guests had finished off two pitchers full! Made them with Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila and they were smooth.

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after a bad week, i finally took the plunge and bought a small bottle of tequila gold (darn that stuff isnt cheap) and made this. oh is it good! One tip..for those like me who want to make more than one, and less than a full pitcher or dont HAVE a pitcher... *blush* i found a mason jar with 4 ounce increments on the side. Doesnt look as pretty but it lets you just pour 1:1:1 .

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I blended the ingredients with a bunsh of ice! Yummy!