Guacamole - the Right Way!

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15 mins
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Born in So. CA with avocado trees in our back yard, learning to make GREAT guacamole is not optional. Although purists may gasp at the inclusion of mayo & sour cream, it KILLS me to see TV chefs use lemon instead of lime. DO try this fabulous guac (pronounced like "WALK") recipe using big, ripe Haas, and watch it literally DISSAPEAR!

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  1. Grind spices together with mortar & pestle. Add to rest of ingredients, partially mashing the avocado – leaving at least ½ in good-sized chunks. Cover tightly with plastic wrap and chill overnight. Taste for seasonings, then sprinkle with a bit more paprika, some more fresh cilantro leaves and diced red onion on top, and serve with tortilla chips.
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Awesome guac! Omitted the cilantro due to some cilantro detesters in our group, and left out the red chili flakes. Used lemon juice and it worked just fine to our taste. Rich depth of flavor. One correction: Don't think this would serve 18 guacamole lovers!

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This is a good avocado dip. Nice flavor, apart from the mayo. I tasted this beore I added the mayo, and I was sorry I did, because it was better without it. It overpowers. Next time...

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This is very good even though I omitted the cumin (don't much like it). I didn't have any cilantro either so also left that out. I used minced garlic rather than the granules. Thanks for sharing.