Chile Pepper Vodka

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1 min
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This vodka is used throughout the southwest in bloody marys. To make a traditional southwestern vodka, you can also use jalepenos!

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  • 8 dried small red chilies, left whole
  • 1 quart vodka


  1. Put the chiles in the bottle of vodka.
  2. Let the vodka sit for a week.
  3. At the end of the week, taste the vodka.
  4. Is it hot enough: If hot enough, strain out the peppers and use the vodka.
  5. If not hot enough, return to shelf.
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Ok.. OK... I'm not fond of Vodka... But I love a gin martini. This works great with GIN, too!! I usually stuff my olives with long, skinny, pickled hot peppers, too.

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This is a great recipe!!! My great friend Mark went crazy over this vodka!!! He has alredy made plans on what he is going to make with it. I made this with 2 cups of vodka and 4 jaleoenos. I let it sit for 4 days. this will be made in large batch next time!!

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WOW!!! A keeper!! I love the burn!